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Oak to Custom Color

Oak to Custom Color

This customer had oak cabinets, which is a very popular type of wood for kitchens because it’s such a hard wood. A lot of people will tell you that you should not paint oak because you can never get rid of the grain. While that my be true, we find that the grain adds a nice texture to the finish that you would not have with a maple or pine. It’s still the same finish and is just as easy to maintain as our finish would be on those other wood types. For this job, our customer had 1980s stained cabinets that she wanted to modernize because she had already painted the walls, replaced counters and appliances, as well as gotten a new floor put in. We took her pantry door (a first for us!) and had that matched up into our colored urethane so that the color matched the trim around her house and also installed new, darker hardware for her, which really made the color pop. She was very pleased with the end product especially since we completed it for her in 2 1/2 days!






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